Sleep In The Park – Event

Sleep In The Park

It’s difficult to contemplate but in today’s Scotland, there are tens of thousands of people sleeping rough on the streets each and every night. Homelessness isn’t just the domain of those who find themselves struggling with substance misuse, as is often the perception, it’s a very real threat for people from all walks of life and a terrifying thought.

Social Bite is a social enterprise set-up just a few years ago which has succeeded in making a dent in homelessness figures in the short time the business has been in operation. If you’ve heard of them, it’s probably for their sandwich shops, which aim to employ those who are struggling or have struggled with homelessness, offering work opportunities, a chance to gain new skills and a fresh start at life. Visiting one of the outlets, you can not only put money into a great cause, you can choose to “pay it forward” too by buying lunch for a homeless person in advance. Their high-end dining effort, Vesta, is in the heart of Edinburgh and feeds both diners and those without homes in a bid to promote inclusivity, fairness, and give those in need an opportunity to access further vital services. 

Okay, so where do you come in? Well, our residence – the Kelvingrove Hotel – is just steps away from its namesake, Kelvingrove Park. This year, Social Bite aim to break their own record and hold the world’s largest sleep-out. An expected 12,000 people will brave the cold for just one night on 8th December, in an attempt to experience the challenges faced by those who are forced to do it every single night. The event will take place across four Scottish cities, with Kelvingrove Park being Glasgow’s nominated space.


Sleep In The Park - Event Kelvingrove Hotel Glasgow


Last year, the sleep out raised £4 million for projects which aid those experiencing housing problems and the 2018 event looks like it will smash through those numbers. Those attending are asked to seek out sponsorship for their effort and, if you’re keen to get involved, all the vital information can be found on the Social Bite website. 

We urge anyone who is looking to get involved in a charity event with difference to consider this year’s Sleep in the Park as it’s for such a fantastic cause which is doing essential work everyday to make Scotland into the totally inclusive, supportive country it is on the verge of becoming. With just 5 million people within our borders, we don’t think there’s any excuse not to look after those around us and this is just one way you can help. 

If, after a night of rough sleeping, you’d like to explore the city further, our hotel is just a few steps from the event location, where a hot shower and comfortable bed awaits. We know not everyone has the privilege of this after a night on the streets, but with a strong sponsorship effort, you can take steps towards making sure they do.