Free Breakfast in July!

Free Breakfast for July Guests!

There’s nothing better than breakfast, is there? How about a million pounds, we hear you ask? Well, in truth, when compared to a hot and juicy fry up from the chefs at the Kelvingrove Hotel, we’d honestly take the brekkie! Okay, so a million quid wouldn’t go amiss either, but our morning repasts really are to be hankered after. 

The best thing about breakfast is – in our hotel during July at least – it’s totally free. On the house, gratis, nada to pay! All of you lucky guests who have the time and inclination to book at stay at our three-star residence in the year’s seventh month can give yourselves a firm pat on the back – you just bagged yourself a morning meal at no extra cost.

Free Breakfast in July! Kelvingrove Hotel Glasgow

Free Breakfast in July! Kelvingrove Hotel Glasgow

Our cosy little place is nestled between rows of traditional tenement flats in Glasgow’s West End. With a legendary mix (legendary in our books of, well, legend) of comfortable beds, just enough rooms to give you a great choice of configuration without the noisy atmosphere and great proximity to the best things to do in Glasgow, there are already more than a handful of reasons to visit us. And we’ve just gone and added one more. Make sure you book direct to ensure you get your on-the-house grub and you’re all set for greatness (disclaimer: only free breakfast is guaranteed, greatness dependent on guest inclination to be great!). 

And what a meal it shall be! We offer a fantastic variety of dishes each morning, including; toast, pastries, yoghurts and fruit. On the stove, bubbling away to perfection, you’ll find a full Scottish fry-up for your delectation, complete with beans, lorne or links sausage, black pudding, eggs, potatoes scones and toast with butter or jam – we’re full up just having it on the mind. Tea, coffee and fresh fruit juices are in unlimited supply so you won’t go thirsty after taking on that gastronomical feat! 

Breakfast is, as they say, the most important meal of the day. Coincidentally, it’s the most important part of this blog post too – would you look at that? The world indeed works in mysterious ways! Hot on the heels of the news of free brekkie is the fact that booking direct is your route to success with this one, so remember to book through our dedicated site using the code, BREAKFAST, to get your perk. You’ll also find the most up-to-date hotel information, availability and, of course, the best rates on our website. 

We look forward to welcoming you in July and filling up your bellies ‘till your hearts are content!