Fancy A Picnic?

Fancy a Picnic?

Glasgow’s got loads to offer both indoors and outdoors and on a sunny day it definitely won’t disappoint. We’re lucky enough that councils of old decided that the landscape of the city should really work to the benefit of its inhabitants and, with that in mind, made sure that green spaces for exercise, recreation and simply getting a little closer to nature were in abundance. If the weather delivers during your stay then make the most of it, grab some takeout sandwiches and a bottle of something sparkling and spread your blanket out in one of our beautiful parks to soak up the rays.

Kelvingrove Park 

This has to top the list in terms of views and popularity. On summer days you’ll find it choc-full of local residents and students blowing off some steam with impromptu games of football and frisbee, or just taking some time out to sleep in the shade of tree-lined avenues. There are plenty of cafes and shops nearby too, just in case you run out of nibbles.

Queen’s Park

Heralding the heart of the Southside, Queen’s Park is a vast expanse of greenery with a strong cohort of regular users. Complete with boating pond and one of the best views of the city from its highest point, there’s plenty to keep you occupied for an afternoon here.

Glasgow Green

Head for a walk along the banks of the River Clyde towards the East and you’ll soon be greeted with Glasgow Green, a haven of field-space and foliage just steps from the city centre. Watch the rowing club perfecting their strokes along the water or head into the People’s Palace to discover Glasgow’s social and industrial history. If you’re feeling thirsty then West Brewery is conveniently located right in the middle of the Green and serves up their very own St Mungo’s brew to be enjoyed on the grass outside.

George Square

While it’s not a park as such, George Square is a well-known relaxation spot for city workers and tourists on a hot day. It’s recently been redeveloped to provide tree cover and green spaces and is a true sun-trap on a hot day. Even better, you can grab takeout from a Merchant City restaurant and enjoy it in the heat of the sun outside.

Pollock Country Park

You can really feel like you’ve left the city behind in Glasgow’s own suburban country park. For a bit of culture visit the lavish Pollock House or hire a bike and ride the circular route right around the site. If you’ve little ones in tow they’ll love visiting the Clydesdale horses in the stables.